• Image of TRIODE - ON N'A PAS FINI D'AVOIR TOUT VU (FFL011/RED03 - black)

Sixth in a reissue series of the cult French underground Futura label.

Triode was a french psych prog band from the early 70's. Their sole album “On N'a Pas Fini D'avoir Tout Vu” released in 1971 combines the fascinating flute playing of Michel Edelin, the psychedelic guitar sound of Pierre Cherez (also of Ys & Bernard Szajner companion) and the groovy rhythm section of Didier Hauck & Pierre-Yves Sorin. Remained obscure even in prog circles, this instrumental jazzy prog monster is finally available again in its original form. First time vinyl reissue fully licenced by Gérard Terronès.


Track listing:

A1 / Magic Flower
A2 / Misomaque
A3 / Moulos Grimpos
A4 / Blasha
A5 / Lilie

B1 / Ibiza Flight
B2 / Adeubis
B3 / Come Together
B4 / Chimney Suite



limited run of 500
pressed on black vinyl
• 33 rpm •

©2015 SouffleContinu Records
Licence Gerard Terrones
originally released in 1971
by Futura Records

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